Being Blonde

words and music by

john greene



It was one of those get away closer affairs

A romantic emergency

I was standing in a doorway when I told her I loved her

But a bridal wave swept over me



You bend over backwards and what do you get

I walked on eggshells whenever she was down

She played me like an old guitar

The vague card a tear and a frown



Seems that when the chips were down

You weren't nowhere to be found

Go on about your shopping till daylight

Being blonde don't make you right



I went to missing persons

But there was nobody there

My existence was a closely guarded secret

I was alone in my despair



Often wrong but never uncertain

Deceitful even in dreams

Never sharing never caring it was getting pretty wearing

I finally had enough of her schemes



Oh but how she could love

Moving the stars up above

I could never get enough

Of her love